Build Your Best-Performing Paid Audiences

Crowdly's Clinks™ automatically capture previously-unreachable, highly-qualified audiences, from any of your content, on any channel, to drive your best performing online advertising campaigns.

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What are Clinks and What Do They Do?

Clinks are our smart-link technology that automatically add people to your online advertising audiences when they click, wherever they click (social media, email campaigns, offline media), regardless of where the link goes: media coverage, YouTube, or online retailers selling your products, etc.

Clinks give you access to a huge, hyper-qualified audience you’ve never been able to retarget until now, and there's no coding required.

How Do Clinks Work?

  • With Clinks
    Your Best-Performing Audiences with Clinks
    Audience Capture With Clinks
  • Without Clinks
    Smaller, Lower-Performing Audiences Without Clinks
    Audience Captture Without Clinks

Immediate Benefits

Clinks let you build retargetable advertising audiences from all of your traffic, even if that traffic goes to sites you don't own. They also make it easy to segment your audiences based on the content they view. Clinks also make it easy to poll your traffic for immediate customer feedback, all without any code.

Capture All Your Traffic, Not Just Website Traffic, Anywhere on the Web

Where once your traffic from Facebook to YouTube (for example) couldn't be utilized, you can now capture retargetable audiences across multiple advertising platforms.

Outperform All Your Other Advertising Audiences in CTR and CPC

With better-qualified, larger audiences who have expressed actual interest, see higher CTR, lower CPC, and better look-alike audiences for better results on a larger scale.

High Opt-In Email Acquisition on any of Your Traffic, Anywhere

Clinks offer powerful email opt-in capability that engages the people who click your content, even on third-party sites. Customers see average opt-in rates of 7%.

Extremely Simple and
Ridiculously Affordable – Zero Code Required

It's easy to get started and you'll be able to create Clinks in seconds. The audiences are built directly into your existing ad platforms. At $0.01/click it’s a no-brainer.

Customer Success Stories

How the It Gets Better Project hit 50% of their annual email acquisition goal in their first 4 weeks:
How this National Salad Dressing brand achieved their best Click-through rates & lowest CPC:

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How much better do audiences perform?

In real world use we're seeing Clinks audiences and lookalikes based on Clinks audiences outperform previous best audiences with up to 40% higher CTR, with CPC reduced by 15-30%.

How quickly will my audience build?

Audiences will begin to populate as soon as people click your Clink.

Can I segment my audiences?

Yes. Clinks make it simple to segment audiences based on links they view, or to advertise to your audience as a whole.

Is there any technical setup I need to do?

There's no coding or technical setup required. Create Clinks in seconds in our intuitive web platform.